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The Mills of Carousel
Carousel rugs and carpets are manufactured by machine, hand weaving and hand-hooked techniques at the Carousel facility in Calhoun, Georgia, USA. Textures can be high or low, looped, cut, or sheared. The Company prides itself on having virtually no limits on size or shape-everything is made to the customer's specifications.

Our Mission
Carousel's ongoing mission is to design and manufacture the finest custom carpets, area rugs and tapestries in the world-by utilizing the highest quality natural fibers and materials, operating state-of-the-art equipment, and employing textile artisans of the highest caliber. We are dedicated to long-term relationships with customers and aim to be recognized, in absolute terms, as the best carpet source in the United States, when judged for both aesthetics and quality.
Hand loomed wool and cotton rugs and carpets The Handwoven Mill
The extraordinary skill of our hand weavers has made Carousel a Mecca for hand woven rugs and carpets. To enhance the ambiance of your home or business, choose from a wide variety of styles and natural fibers like rugged wools, earthy cottons, fibrous jutes and nature's linens and cotton.
Elegant, natural, practical, sturdy, hand loomed carpets The Needleloom Mill
The unique look of elegance belies the practical sturdiness of these versatile Carousel exclusives. Our custom finish creates a luxurious product. The all wool tip-sheared process creates an almost shimmering effect in the 35 running line colors from subtle pastels to jewel-like tones.
Elegant, natural, practical, sturdy, hand loomed carpets The Tufted Mill
Densely made velvet and plush textures of pure wool are lavishly soft and alluring. These exquisite rugs and carpets are considered among the most elegant worldwide. Carousel offers a choice of appealing textures. Borders, finishes and other hand touches add elegance to these popular rugs and carpets.
Elegant, natural, practical, sturdy, hand loomed carpets The Caroloom Mill
Carousel has taken our popular Needleloom capabilities one step further, adding elegant and texture rich patterns. Offering over 40 patterned designs or our artisans can create a custom pattern to specifically match any interior or fabric.
Elegant, natural, practical, sturdy, hand loomed carpets The Hand Tufted Mill
Carousel's hand-tufting mill represents the epitome of our custom work. Almost anything is possible in terms of shape; sizes can vary from a small welcome mat to a grand hotel lobby. The sky really is the limit.




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